Disease or Circumstance?

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Found an article of interest today that really disturbs me. Not sure if its because of that “fact” that some believe Hunters are cruel & should not be aloud to hunt or the fact that we as Hunters & maybe wildlife researchers as well can not seem to do enough to help prevent these diseases.
  This article was written by Dr. Dave Samuel, Conservation editor Bowhunter magazine.
  Treperella pyogenes, a bacterium that causes infection around the base of the antlers of older bucks. Such infections lead to lesions that can weaken & destroy the part of the bone around the pedicle upon which the antler grows. This leads to infection in the brain & sometimes causes the antler & part of the pedicle to break away, exposing brain tissue & causing death. 9% of dead deer found in the southeast had lesions typical of this infection. Intracranial abscesses were found in 35% of known-fate mature bucks in Maryland.
  That’s getting close to home for me already had cases of the chronic wasting disease, now this.
  I’m the study presented here, researchers at the University of Georgia sampled the forehead, nose & tongue of 462 hunter killed deer on 13 public properties & 10 private properties in Georgia. They found T.pyogenes on half of the bucks sampled, & half the does.
  Makes you wonder if maybe next time you harvest a deer getting it checked to try & help prevent a wider spread of this disease.
  I’m no expert I’m hunting but I try to keep up with what’s happening in the deer woods for the sake of keeping tradition & sports outdoors going for my children & grandchildren & so on, going on. I love the outdoors & would like to keep it present for future Hunters, enthusiasts, etc. for years to come.
  Until next time help prevent disease, (I guess some we can & some we can’t but we should try to do our part as Hunters, conservationists). God luck this deer season or whatever it is you do.



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Just finished watching rise of the guardians, I’ve got to say watching movies or shows like that gets me to thinking about how life has changed.
Kids are the future & when we were all growing up we were the future.
Now, the 20th century is over we’re now in the 21st.. We have let technology take over everyone had a cell phone, no one picks up a phone or goes to the neighbors or family homes & just sit & talk anymore you’re either texting, social media, emailing or God knows what we have forgotten to enjoy life.
As for the movie it really got me to thinking about how life really was while i was growing up & it won’t fast paced. We as the next generation of adults have forgotten what fun was really like. This generation of adults have forgotten how to slow down & smell the roses as it were. Think that is what is really happening with not just the comodery but with the current government as well. I think adults could really learn something from kids on how & what fun is all about.. I for one have not forgotten what fun is but do find myself letting life take that fun away. So as for this post i think its time we start having fun & stop worrying so much about how fast we can do something with technology.
Until next time, get outside with your kids or grab the neighbor kids & play ball or something but have fun life is to short not to..

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Really good article

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TalkHunting note of interest ” Managing 40 Acres or Less for Trophy Bucks ” http://t.co/VzKqWIHZ — TalkHunting (@TalkHunting)

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That is a very good analogy of hunting. I have seen some people that actually don’t hunt for themselves & don’t enjoy it & eventually they do end up quitting all together. So that is true if you truly want to enjoy something do it for yourself & you’ll enjoy it all that much more.
Thank you for that thought provoking blog

Watch “Crossbow headshot to whitetail deer. NC 2010” on YouTube Saw this on youtube would like to know what others think so please comment & let me know. Would love to hear what other hunters think abt head shots.

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Another year hunting, the supposed end of a war & almost the end of a presidents destruction of an American economy that couldn’t stand much more of the bad policies that continue to cost the American Tax Payers more money. With all that many people that hunt have taken to the woods to relax & enjoy what god has created. You see, hunting really isn’t about going out & killing an animal, its everything that the hunt starts from, fellowship, yes that’s right fellowship with god, his creations & the life he has given each & everyone of us, the military, for their sacrifice for our freedom. Our freedom to hunt, speech, religion & freedom to choose which way we want to go.
  So go out take a soldiers hand & tell him/her thank you, thank you for the love you have showed America, the love you gave for America’s Freedom, if a soldier died thank his/her family for that soldiers greatest sacrifice, because in the end without that freedom we could not enjoy the Great Outdoors or the Majestic Whitetail Deer.
  God Bless America & Happy hunting, Merry Christmas to All